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Tell me about weight watchers....

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I understand points assigned and calorie limit, but, what does a monthly fee look like and is it worth the money? Can buying a book and working on the same principles work instead of spending money month after month?


I have lost weight with Atkins before, but end up putting it back on when I use carbs again... and my dh hates atkins... wants me eating more fruit and veggies... I usually avoid breads anyway... don't have a sweet tooth...


But, I am post menopausal and my body insists on looking like a plump pear...

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It would probably be helpful to go to meetings for several weeks to get the plan materials and have them explained to you.


The weight watchers message boards are free and quite active.


My mother lost 70 pounds and never attended a meeting. Then again she did have me to explain everything to her. :001_smile:

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I think it's usually around $35-40 a month for the meetings alone. When I went there was a cost for the books, but the points slider was free. They've changed the program and I think the calculator for Points costs money.


The meetings are all about support and accountability. You can go to one or two meetings, get the information and materials, and do it from home if you'd prefer.


I don't think I'd just get the information from the internet without visiting a center for awhile, there's more than just counting Points. However, I do think there are people who can be successful with the plan and materials and not need the meetings.

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monthly pass for meetings and online is 42.95. Online only is 18. You can pay weekly per meeting too (maybe its 10??)


You can do it on your own but its hard. Online gives you ALL the tools to find Points of everything including most restaurants and it has a recipe builder. There are tons of great recipes too. They sell a Points calculator that will calculate the foods and your points range (this changes) too. The new plan I love. Fruits and most veggies are 0 points. They factor in carbs-fats-fiber-calories in the points values.


I only do well when I go to meetings, but many people can do online only and be successful. After awhile you will learn points values and if you have the calculator and the 2 basic guidebooks they have you can do it on your own but I wouldn't advise it. If you hit your lifetime weight and stick to it for 6 weeks you become a lifetime member and meetings are free as long as you stay within52 pounds of your goal. That's what I am striving towards.


The beauty of WW is the meetings and the online tools. If you have a smartphone you can get everything on your phone including a tool where you can scan most name brand foods and it will tell you the points values of a serving.


I think it is worth every penny which is why after trying calorie counting and low carbing and a bunch of other junk I gave up and decided to go back to WW. I did amazing on it a while ago and then I quit because I didnt want to pay anymore. Well, I could be at my goal weight right now and that would be worth its weight in gold. My weight loss is worth $42.95 a month :001_smile:

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I pay $40 per month for meetings and online tools. When I reach lifetime (meeting goal and maintaining it for 6 weeks), all of that is free. I'm not overly fond of the $40 a month, but I've been successful so it's a good investment. I did not lose weight when I tried to do online programs only and that includes Weight Watchers and Sparkpeople. Some people can be in total charge of themselves and not need the interaction of other people to lose weight. I wish I was one of them. Having to go to those meetings every week and let someone weigh me has been wonderful in helping me stay on plan. I'll continue to weigh in monthly when I reach lifetime to help me keep this lifestyle. I mean it's free, so why not take advantage of it? I was on WW a couple of times in the past, but both times I left before I reached goal because I thought I could do it on my own. I gained all of my weight back both times. This time is for real. I'm not going down that road again.

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