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Plato middle school science...


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Has anyone used this? I did read some positive reviews here but wanted to see if anyone has anything else to add. How many modules is reasonable to get through in one year? It looks like HSBC has Life, Earth and Space, and Physical Science. Could I do one per year? Not enough? My dd will be in 6th grade in the fall.




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I'm replying mainly to bump this thread. I used Plato's earth science several years ago with my two older girls. They were maybe in 5th and 7th grades at the time? It seemed thorough to me (the actual content), but they were really not fans of the method of delivery. I've found that they 'check out' when using asynchronous, software driven classes. We abandoned it mid-course, which bugged me at the time, but I'm getting better at dropping things that are not working for us, even though my instinct is to finish what we've started.


I don't necessarily mean this to be a negative review of the product in general, just our experience with it. I really wanted it to work. Your mileage may vary significantly (hope it does)!

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