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Quick question about WWS student workbook?


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sigh... it is semi-consumable. Don't help, do I?


For the most part it is not consumable, except for the parts that are. When you are pretty heavy into the book there are parts where you are instructed to mark up a poem, make notes etc.


I didn't know that, and planned to use my student book again, with my younger child. I simply make copies of every exercise that involves writing in the student book. It hasn't been a big deal at all. My kid has not complained either.


FWIW, the amount of pages that would be um.. consumed :lol: is a small percentage of the whole. I am glad I made the copies.


oooh... however I did find it VERY necessary to highlight the directions. Our biggest 'problems' with WWS came from my student not reading/following directions! I want to stress that had nothing to do with how the program is written and everything to do with my kid. If you need to highlight directions for one child and not the other then you might want two books. I can't imagine that being an issue, but you never know.

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Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!!


I'll just get one book then and copy the few pages that need it. Very helpful!!


And good idea on highlighting directions!! I'll probably need to do that for my boys as well!! :tongue_smilie: They aren't the greatest at following directions sometimes!!

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