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YesPhonics: Has Anyone Used This?


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Has anyone used YesPhonics?


A review.


The entire manual can be viewed here.





It looks more open and go that Spalding. I think I've managed to get ahold of a used manual at Amazon for fairly cheap. I don't think I need the video, flash cards and games. Hopefully the manual will arrive soon in the condition promised, and is the manual I'm viewing at Google.


Page 20 is the order of suggested instruction, and matches what I was attempting to do with Spalding but without the support. Just the alphabet is taught before the spelling words are started, instead of 45 phonograms. Phonogram introduction and review is included with each spelling word.


There are coloring pages for each phonogram and the story words of each coloring page are repeated in the spelling rules worksheets. Later on original art, based on the coloring sheets, is created to reinforce the phonograms.


Spelling rules are taught with worksheets instead of being included in the spelling notebook. Spelling notebooks are for spelling words and sentences, not spelling rules.


The manual is only about 275 pages long and spiral bound I think. It shouldn't be too hard to scan and print out the necessary pages for multiple students. It looks like there used to be a streamlined kit, but I only see a $200.00 deluxe kit, now. The manual includes photocopiable flashcards and worksheets and writing paper, and looks to be a complete program in itself. Too bad it is not for sale as a stand alone product.


The Ayers list starts on page 113.


The flash cards start on page 207.


Blank worksheets start on page 243. Worksheet instructions on page 53.


Page 20 is the scope and sequence.

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