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For the class I took a set of lessons was opened each week. So week 1, we had several lectures to watch with short exercises to complete for each one, then week 2 more lectures would become available. The professor offered several "late days" that could be applied to any exercise so that the student could still get 100% on the exercise even if turned in past the due date. We ususally had 1 week to turn in the work. I had to use late days each week because I started a week late- so I just applied days as needed to be "on time."


I'm not sure about the other classes. The FAQ for the History of the Internet indicated that the student would need several hours per week to watch the lectures and complete the short exercises.

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How are these classes scheduled? The website is not terribly informative for the nitty gritty basics, lol. Are they everyday, once a week, what? Thanks!:001_smile:


Coursera courses generally start later than the originally scheduled start date. :lol:


New material is released weekly. Some courses are more flexible than others about whether you can get behind and catch up. The Fantasy literature course expects everybody to do the work at the same time and

turn in their essays on Tuesdays.


Remember that Coursera is an aggregator of courses from different sources. Not every course will run the same way.



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