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iTunes account and content

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A couple of years ago my mom got an iPad and had trouble setting up her iTunes account. Out of frustration with her incessant technical problems, I just logged her into mine.


This has created some problems. She's agreed to login and change the billing information when she wants to purchase something. Sometimes she forgets. She forgets my password and changes it without telling me. She created security questions that had nothing to do with my actual life. And last night she charged $80 in content (a couple of annual subscriptions) that came out of my bank account! Goodbye, July budget!


I'm sure it was just a mistake and she'll repay me, but the time has come to cut the cord and force her into her own account. When I do that, will she lose all her content & apps downloaded under my account?


If I just remove all my account information from the current account and create a new account for me, will I lose all of my content? I have lots of music but no paid apps - I could burn the music to CD's and re-import if I need too, which would be free, even if it would take a couple of weeks.


Any ideas?

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Yes, someone will loose all access to their music/apps/stuff. I could be wrong, but even if you burn them to CD and re-import them you won't be able to access them because who owns the rights is programmed into the music/app/stuff. For example - I could buy a new CD and burn a ton of copies of the CD and sell them at half price. If the information wasn't contained in the songs then the artist would be out the money.


You have a pretty complex problem. I would contact customer support were i in your shoes.

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