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Artist/Picture Study for Ancients


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I finally decided to use Time Travelers from Handle on the Arts for art during the ancient times. I use Veritas Press, so we have it broken up different from TWTM, but it still works. I got my box already & am really impressed with the activities & art/music appreciation they incorporate. There's even some architecture that connects the types from ancient times to today.


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You finally convinced me to dig out my huge art history binder from high school;). There really aren't any particular artists to study in ancient art history. So here is the main list.


Pre-historic/Cave Art (in no particular order):


-Cave of Lascaux

-Cave of Altamira



Some Major forms of artwork


-Stencil- patterns created by blowing charcoal, water, and spit on a flat surface. Like the outlines of hands that you see in caves.

-Incising- Scratching on a surface

-Modeling- Shaping and forming something like mud or clay


Some Vocabulary:


-Post & Lintel




-Mortise and Tenon Joints



Egyptian Art (in no particular order):


-King Narmer's Palette

-Ziggurat, Bent Pyramid

-Pyramids of Giza (largest is Cheops/Khufu)

-Rosetta Stone

-Egyptian gods

-Other egyptian paintings and carvings (you can teach about how they had to have certian features like hands and faces face certian ways)

-King Tut's Tomb and all the items in it


-Abu Simbel (Temple of Ramses II)

-Nefertiti's bust


Vocabulary Words:


All of the common ones for this time period as well as....


-Pylon- gate




-Lapis Lazuli


-Low Relief




-Canopic Jars

-Motif -source of an artists ideas

-Stylized - somewhat abstract



Greek Art (in no particular order):


-The Parthenon

-Greek key (its a pattern, you can google it to see what it looks like)

-pottery (you could study the different types...Krater, Kylix, Hydria, Oinochoe, Amphora)


The Greeks are well known for their sculptures, here are some of the main ones to study (preview before teaching as the greeks often used nudity)...


-Aphrodite by Praxiteles

-Hermes w/Dionysus by Praxiteles

-Apollo (Belvedere) by ?

-Venus de Milo at the Louvre (I think)

-Apoxymenos (scraper) by Lysippus

-Nike of Samothrace (Winged Victory)

-Doryphorus (Spear Bearer) by Polyclitus

-Poseidon by ?

-Dying Niobid

-Discobolos (Discus Thrower) by Myron



(ETA: My notes on some of these Sculptors of each of these sculptures were a bit hard to understand. The artists that carved these may not be exactly accurate, I took those notes about 8 years ago so things may have changed, and just as a note I copied the way my art teacher spelled the sculptors names and he may have spelled them differently than the way some one else might spell it. So double check the scultpors names, I think the actual sculptures names are accurate)


Note: some of these surviving Sculptures are actually Roman Copies, If I remember correctly the Greeks taught the Romans how to carve sculptures and the Romans copied some of the Greeks sculptures and turned around and destroyed the originals made by the Greeks


3 orders of architecture:






Vocabulary Words:






Roman Art (in no particular order):



-Colosseum (which was named after the colossal statue of Nero)


-Arch of Constantine

-Circus Maximus


-Column of Trajan




There are also many Roman Sculptures you can study as well.


I believe that Romans also came up with Cement or at least got really good at using it (can't remember which)




I know there is a lot of other ancient art history to study from other places like China, Ancient Americas, Africa, etc. I am just not as fimilar with those. Hope that helped.

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Your welcome! I had a lot of fun looking through my art history binder, I have a lot of fond memories from that art class. Blondeviolin thanks for asking the question. I had decided to just skip over ancient art history with my kids, but having gone back through it now I forgot how fun it is. I think I will make an effort now to include it this year! So thanks for the great reminder!:D

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