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Chem gloves for women??

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Does anyone else do any kind of refinishing, etc, where they need chemical resistance gloves?


I have an enormous pile of oak flooring, formerly applied to the walls and ceiling of our upstairs bathroom, that I need to strip and stain so we can use it on the -gasp- FLOOR of the room (we're remodeling). I tried eco-stripper and it sucked (as in barely marred the layer of paint I put on when we moved in), so I went to the super extra caustic, strips the paint off kind... but I'm just not able to keep it off my hands, and it ate through my nitrile gloves.


I can't find chemical resistant gloves that fit on women's hands. I don't mean I want custom gloves, I mean I want to be able to use tools (eg, the scraper, a brush, etc) and that is just not possible with gloves that are roomy on my husband (sz 13 ring, as opposed to my 4 1/2). The only ones I'm finding include "key features" such as color selection and built in nail protection. I just want to avoid the chemical burns. :confused:


So, does anyone have actual gloves that find on smallish humans and are chemical resistant?

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