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Biology at CC?

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If you do Biology through the CC as a dual enrollment, do you save it for later? I don't think we can enroll at our CC until dd is 16. So if we did it that way, she couldn't do it until 11th grade.


It seems like most do Biology in 9th grade. If you are doing it at the CC are you waiting until a later grade? Are there any negatives to that?

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All of the CC science classes my two have taken have been the second class -- not the first or only class -- in the subject. My two took chemistry and physics at our local CC, but they had had a year of Apologia or Spectrum chem/physics before embarking on the chem/physics CC classes. So there was no "saving" the courses for later the way we approached dual enrollment.


I hope this helps! :)

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My oldest did

9th grade biology at home

10th grade chemistry at home

11th grade physics at home

12th grade introductory chemistry at cc and general college physics I at cc


My middle did/will do

9th grade biology at home

10th grade physics at home (with AP Physics B test)

11th grade chemistry at home (with SAT-II test)

12th grade Chemistry I/II for science majors at cc and Biology I for science majors at cc


After my experiences with my two older girls, I recommend chemistry BEFORE biology.


And yes, what he takes at the cc will count as an advanced science credit and will probably count as a full year credit for each semester. My local ISD counts each semester of science with lab at the cc as a full year of high school credit.

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While our cc only req. Freshman comp I for Bio classes (I don't understand it, but there it is), both dd took it after having Apologia Bio. Yes, it counts as an advanced class on the transcript.


As an aside, it doesn't hurt to look at what is required for entrance to your flagship state U. Ours are now req. 3-4 yrs science (with 2 labs) so any additional doesn't hurt. Plus if your dc are going to be Humanities majors, they'll be ahead of the curve in checking off the Core Curriculum classes.

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My senior will be taking biology fall semester at the local university. I don't think there will be any problem with that because he has already had conceptual physics, chemistry, and astronomy (.5 credit). It will be done at a college level so I don't think anyone will think it should have been done earlier.

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My ds will take Biology at CC in the fall (11th grade). Our CC has 2 different Biology courses: one for non-science majors that needs no pre-req other than passing the CPT, the other needs CPT and HS Chemistry. Ds has not taken HS chemistry or biology. He has taken HS physics, HS exercise physiology & sports medicine, and CC Earth Science. I wanted him to take CC Chemistry in the fall, but I'll save that rant. :ack2:


CC has Intro Chem (for non-science majors with only CPT pre-req) and General Chem (Intro Chem or HS Chem as pre-req) as well.


It is my understanding that many CCs have similar science classes for non-science majors and science majors.



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