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ISO Latin spine/supplement for me (and DS's 1000 questions)


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We are using Latin Prep, which is working fine, but I need something as a supplement for *me*, and I'm not sure if I need one book or two--a grammar? a dictionary? a spine? a textbook for serious adults?


Here are some of the kinds of things DS and I wonder:


What are the nuances of meaning in word order? (We understand that, because of the inflected endings, you can have SOV or OSV, but why does the verb go at the end? What does it mean when it doesn't? Are OSV and SOV truly interchangeable?)


Does Latin never use a pronoun plus verb? Or only for emphasis?


Also, it would be handy to have a resource where I could look up a word in the dictionary, and then have a chart where I could look up a declension/conjugation I haven't gotten to yet in the book.


I am posting here (rather than curriculum) because I need a resource for a very asynchronous kid. Would prefer to get one solid book (or maybe two) that *I* can use to answer most of DS's questions, rather than something geared at children or nonserious adults.


Thanks in advance!


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Sounds like you want a grammar book and a dictionary. I can't rec a dictionary, I would just flip through the different ones on amazon and decide which one looks best. For grammar, I have Wheelock's latin. It's a bit dry and I don't know that you will find it quick reference but it's the classic

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Henle is a curriculum, but I think it's friendly enough that a teacher could use it as a quick reference guide. The grammar book is easy to use as well.


There is another book, Learn to Read Latin, but I hesitate to recommend it since I don't own it. There are enough sample pages here that I'm thinking of buying it due to amount of information contained in one book, but so far, whatever questions DD may have, I'm able to find it in Henle.


I have Latin Prep, and while the text size is perfect for DD, I went with Henle due to its organization and explanations.

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