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If your dyslexic has moved to digital print...

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Hey, you must be reading my mind I just posted about the read2go. It is supposed to be like a daisy reader but better for the iPad. It is supposed only $19.99. Then you can use it with a free digital library from bookshare.org. I was doing some search about daisy readers and adaptive technology and just stumbled upon it today. I've looked at daisy readers on and off for over a year. I just kept thinking that my clumsy kid with eye tracking issues wouldn't be able to manage the daisy reader, headphones, hold a book, and eye track all at the same time. The read2go iPad app simplifies everything and helps with the eye tracking by highlighting the words as it reads. I want to try it. It seems almost too good to be true. Like, why isn't everyone already using it. This bookshare digital library seems amazing. It has all of the best books and they are free for our special needs kids. Check out my post. Let me know what you think.



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Well, I'm still trying to get my ds's Bookshare access to go through, but the biggest problem I've run into with them is that some of the titles I need are restricted to kids with an IEP. That's an issue for homeschoolers who may not have one. Also, I thought I recalled some controversy about Bookshare only working on Apple devices but Learning Ally working only on Kindles? Ideally, I'd like to get one device that can run both. This whole digital print thing is not simple, that's for sure.

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Guest LaOwl

Hi, Learning Ally has an app that works on Apple devices, actually. I believe it just became free to download too, if you have a membership. So if you wanted to use both Bookshare and Learning Ally you could get an iphone/ipad/ipod. Both require certification or an IEP to become a member. :)

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