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My Baby Girl turns *8* Today!!!!

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So, it was 7 years and 2 days ago that she joined us. A chubby, Sumo Baby born in Dian Bi China. Her birth day is actually an estimate, based on the status of her umbilical cord. But it's pretty accurate, within a day or two as she was left on the steps of a government building. Just another baby girl, born in a land that values the male child more than the girl. Or maybe a second or third baby, born to family that has already reached the 'legal limit'.


She was blessed. She was VERY well cared for in her orphanage. She knew snacks. When we opened a brown bag of food that was from a local delivery place, she knew the sound, and came flying across the floor to us, as fast as a Sumo Baby can, crawling on all fours.:D


Her caregiver handed us our precious bundle of joy on the 15th of July. Exactly 3 years after we were handed our first bundle, in Vietnam. She cried so much the first 2 days. Looking back, we now know that was good. It sure didn't sound good, but it meant that she was attached to her caregiver, and was well developed, emotionally. And she still is!


Zoie has brightened our lives in so many ways. Her laughter echos throughout our home. Along with the sound of her feet pitter pattering. Zoie, Zee, or Tiny Hiney (don't ever tell her I told you that nickname!) is sometimes, a light on a dark day, and we LOVE the JOY God has given us, through her!

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