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Ancient Rome/Toga Birthday Party--HELP!

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My daughter 11 yo. wants to have a Toga Party for her birthday. She wants Latin on her cake.


I started trying to wrack my brain to come up with 'great' ideas, and then I thought why should I try to re-invent the wheel? I'm sure that some of you moms of exceptional children have had birthday parties with a similar theme, so PLEASE, give me all your fabulous ideas?!!!!??!!

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Ha. We are doing Greek.

Rice krispie treat Medusa heads eith gummy worms.

Toga wrapping contest for speed.

Hercules trials, at least some of them. Breyer horse snd their stable filled with tootsie rolls for cleaning.

a mini marathon race.

Anyway thoss are just a few of the things we have decided right now

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My first suggestion would be to expand the costuming to any Roman character. Having some gods and heroes meandering around will be way more fun than a roomful of togas! Make sure you give suggestions on the invitation, maybe even a link to a list of characters. Costumes should be optional, imo; the very idea makes some people very uncomfortable. You can always have some fun accessories and props at the party.

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