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AJTL vs. Wisdom and Righteousness CC lapbooks?


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As far as I know there are no official lap books for cc. I have seen the wisdom and righteousness lapbooks for cycle 1. They are nothing more than copying the memory work into lapbook templates. It would be a record of what you memorized with no additional learaning as far as I could tell. The other lapbooks you linked appeared to be supplemental learning based on cc topics. You would probably need to pick and choose certain ones to do or it would be overkill. There are probably easier ways to supplement. I have not actually seen these, but at first glance they appear to be topical rather than comprehensive.


It really depends on what you are looking for because these two lapbook products are no where close to the same product.

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She probably is saying they are official because they were on the CC website as an ad. I'm actually much more into notebooking (meaning into an actual notebook versus worksheet type pages, though I'm open to those too). We have great resources on our shelves, I'm just trying to think of a way to do some science this summer related to our memory work without being overkill for me or them, or being something that just sits and doesn't get done. I may just make a copy of a reading sheet I have and let them read some science each day and write about it. Or I may buy the student notebook download from CKE Biology and Earth Science (like $20 total) and make them a notebook to fill out......

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