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Trig text and American History for grade 12?

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Hi~ I'm needing recommendations for a trigonometry text to go along w/ my son's foray into trigonometry via Khan Academy. Any suggestions?


Also, we are needing a condensed American History study for his last year. Sonlight is too expensive (even used) right now, though we both love it. He has done a couple of Notgrass curriculums, but would like to steer clear of them for this history course, if at all possible. Any words of wisdom from those who have been there and done that?


Thank you,



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There are a few publishers who have Trig only texts... Lial has a good one.


The majority of publishers combine Trig with College Algebra (Algebra 3) and call the combo 'Pre-Calculus'.


With Lial the Pre-Calc text is also sold in 2 halves-- College Algebra and Trig... (some students only need the College Algebra part)-- the solutions manual for Pre-Calc is the SAME one used for the separate courses.


My preference is one semester of College Algebra and one semester of Trig (or a Pre-Calc course that takes 2 semesters to complete).


Many colleges have a one-semester Pre-Calc option-- and it is best used as a review course unless the student is exceptionally gifted at math!

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