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which dr for dd 10 pain in foot??

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In the last few weeks, my 10 yo dd has been complaining about her feet hurting, specifically her heels. At first it was after she had been on her feet for a while. Now it seems to happen more quickly especially if she has been doing any jumping or running. She does gymnastics but only 3 hours a week.


She says the pain is on the bottom of her heel but sometimes is also on the back of her heel.


Should I take her to an orthopedic doctor that specializes in feet (we have one we like and have used) or a podiatrist?



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I don't know about which type of specialist to take her to, but if you get a definitive diagnosis could you let me know what it is? DD had something that sounds very similar about the same age. I chalked it up to growing pains. It did finally go away but it took months.

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We had to take younger dd for something similar last year.


Dr was able to recommend some exercises and some inserts for her shoes (over the counter but still $$$).


If dd wore the shoes with the inserts the pain would go away... if she wore flip flops or other flat shoes the pain would return.

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Sounds like Sever's disease. It is a rite of passage among 10 yo gymnasts.


There are a number of treatments, but usually a heel cup will take care of it. Google "tulli's cheetah" for a thingamajig that will let her wear a heel cup barefoot or with flip-flops. The heel cup should take care of it pretty quickly.



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You can go to the Dr. Scholl's site and answer some questions to see what product will likely help. Or they can tell you where the nearest foot mapping machine is; it's a kiosk and you stand on the pads so it can tell where your pressure points are.


Because foot problems are so common, and often so easily solved, I would probably give that a try before going to the doctor.

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