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Chickens are not the brightest creatures...

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It is 103 degrees out, and two of our chickens decided to climb into the SAME nesting box to lay. (one cubic foot in size) Mind you, there is another nesting box sitting empty. They are both panting like crazy and looking miserable. I opened the top and stuck a couple frozen water bottles in there with them. :lol: Hopefully they will finish their business quickly.

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I have 8 chickens and 4 boxes. They all lay in the same box as who ever lays the first egg. They rotate boxes but all lay in the "chosen box of the day". I have seen 2 of them crammed together in a box....big dummies!


Ours go 2 to a box frequently. I don't get it. One day I had to put a stop to it because two were already in a box and one hen was quite agitated that she couldn't fit in as well. She kept trying to wedge her way in. :001_huh: What are they thinking?


But they are so cute. And they can be smart. I noticed one hen that kept looking up sideways and that is how I saw the swarm of bees on our eave. They always seem to know when a hawk is overhead. But an escaped black helium balloon make them huddle under bushes too!


I love chickens! They are so stinkin' cute!

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