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EIW Worksheets....How do you store yours?


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I'm printing out Essentials in Writing worksheet lessons for 4th & 7th grades.


I'm trying to decide if I want to keep them in a binder or bind the worksheets in a book form with my proclick?

If my kids keep them in a binder, they would have a space for extra notebook paper incase there are not enough lines on the worksheet.


I think it would be cleaner, and less hassle, to use the proclick and form the book. What do you think?


For those who are using EIW could you give me some suggestions on storing the worksheets? Do your kids use extra paper per lesson when writing?

Thank you!

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I probably should have ordered the notebook from EIW to save on paper and ink. But I didn't and I've already printed out quite a bit. I know next year if we stick with EIW to buy the worksheets instead.


I was looking through the 7th grade level and there were some lessons asking you to use notebook paper. So I'll probably use a binder for my oldest. I'd rather not use a binder for my 4th grader b/c the pages always seem to fall out.


Thank you for sharing!

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