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Help with a Bible curriculum


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Looking for a Bible curriculum to hold the attention of an 8,6,4,3,1 year old (not so much the 1 yr old). Want something that is not just another " David and Goliath" story. Would like a simple activity to go with it possibly, not a lot of writing. Also not a lot of work to prepare for it, some of our best reading times have been when they are not necessarily planned! Any help would be great! Also I like to use the classical method so any ideas using that would be great! Thanks

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From what theological background? I can offer Catholic suggestions, but that won't help if you're looking for Protestant materials or some other viewpoint.


Have you seen Telling God's Story by Peace Hill Press? I'll be using it with my 1st and 6th graders this year. There are stickies at the top of the forum that link to the online text, so you can check it out.


Cathy Duffy has a review of it here.

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Probably a bit out of your price range, but I love Read & Share Bible Curriculum (I have Vol1 & 2) they come with puppets, skits, a dvd, cd with songs, and card lesson plans, as well as printables & crafts, I got mine from Christian Books:





There is also "Whats in the Bible?: http://whatsinthebible.com/


Truthquest Vacation Bible School: http://truthquest.net/vbshome.html


Scripture Adventures: http://scriptureadventures.com/family_order.html


The Adventure Bible: http://store.csionline.org/curriculum/bibles/niv-adventure-bible.html


Little Blots of Faith: http://littleblots.com/


Grapevine Studies: http://www.grapevinestudies.com/


The Praise Factory: http://www.praisefactory.org/


Apologia's Who is God?: https://apologia.securesites.net/store/index.php?main_page=index&cPath=42_55


Fun Science that teaches God's Word: http://www.godseternalmasterpiece.com/catalog/science-that-teaches-gods-word-p-448.html


Biblioplan: http://www.biblioplan.net/


And a lot of people on these forums use: Bible Study Guide for all ages: http://biblestudyguide.com/


I think I'm out of breath now :lol:


Telling God's Story (Peace Hill/Olive Press store top of this forum)

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Guest mamaterry

Children Desiring God - lots of studies but particularly the Old Testament and New Testament studies chronologically are wonderful....can't speak highly enough of them

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