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OK, I think I've finally figured out ds4's schedule for next year. He will be taking 9 hours concurrently in the fall semester (microcomputer, college algebra, and Spanish 1 along with an English home course) and he will be working up to 15 hours per week. He needs a science. I would like to have him fulfill that requirement at home this year. He will take Biology at the university next year as a senior. I don't think I will be able to do science with him at home as a senior because he wants to be out of the house and he will have an even heavier schedule. I don't want him to take physics at the university because it is calculus based and he won't have that until his last semester of senior year.


All this to say that I am looking for a physics (level up from Conceptual Physics which he did in 8th grade) that won't require much from me. I've taught them all their sciences and they have been "lab heavy". I can help answer questions, but I don't want to be involved daily. He is very bright and learns easily.


I've considered the MIT open courseware, but I'm just not sure how to implement that. I don't want a scheduled online class because his schedule will change weekly with his work. An online class that is self paced would be fine. He is not planning to take AP exams so a highly rigorous course isn't necessary. A video component is highly desired esp. if it has a lab component. But I can handle grading, etc. He will take physics again in college so I'm not really interested in doing something that might earn CLEP credit.


I'm not interested in Apologia because we've never gotten along well with Apologia ;)


Any suggestions?

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Look for the threads about physics that Regentrude has commented on.


I think there are a couple options:


Holt Physics, high school level, student and teacher materials available,


Use a schedule that someone else has created using a widely available book. For example, UCCP has schedules for three levels of physics that use books ranging from Conceptual Physics to Giancoli to Serway (last two are common college texts). UCCP does not have tests available unless you are a participating school. But even though the lessons are online, it is self paced.


Another option is to use a syllabus for AP Physics. For some reason, I'm finding many more detailed syllabi when I search for AP courses than for standard physics courses. Giancoli, Serway and Knight/Jones are common textbooks. Regentrude also has a thread where she shared her intro college level syllabus for physics using the Knight & Jones book.


Kolbe Academy uses a Kinetic Books etext for both their standard and honors level course. It sounds like the demands of the honors level is intended to be more algebra based than conceptual and to possibly prep the student for the AP AB exam (the math prerequisites include geometry and algebra II, but I'm not sure how hard and fast that is).

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Another vote for Derek Owens. Although the text is not necessary, he is sending us one on request. It cost $58 a month, but rd is going to finish in about 5 months, so that's not too bad. We have good experience in the past. Worth checking out.


I'm having difficulty seeing that the Derek Owens is much above the level of the Conceptual Physics we did. Algebra 1 is his pre-req and it is as well in CP. From the lecture outline, it appears to cover the same things we did in CP. I taught CP several times in our co-op, but I always made my own boys do more work and harder problems than what I required in the class. Ds#2 and Ds#4 were by far the best students I had. Ds#4 had no problems with CP in 8th grade and scored A's on all the tests. And, believe me, I was tougher on him than anyone else because he could do it.


I don't want him to be lazy, and if the Derek Owens isn't significantly harder than CP he will just glide through with minimal effort. Things come easily to this fella but he is the poster kid for 'lazy teen'. He will put plenty of effort into video games and his work, though. He's just lazy with academics - probably because he has no competition and it's easy for him - which is why he is going to go concurrent.


I know all physics covers the same topics but vary in depth and application. So, if Derek Owens is significantly deeper than CP, it would probably work well. It's just difficult to see that it would be since it only requires Algebra 1.


Do you think that if I found a Giancoli text it would explain the course a bit better?

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