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What Colleges do your HS graduates attend?

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Our oldest is attending community college about 45 minutes from here (where his major is offered). He decided on CC because he'll be 100% debt free when he gets his AAS.


He was also accepted at the art school of his choice and the state university closest to us (which is where he will probably transfer to). As much as he wants to attend an art institute the cost is extremely high and they aren't offering much in scholarships/aid.

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My graduates have been accepted at every school to which they applied. (Our ambitions did not include Ivy League, but they did apply to both private and state schools.) DD chose a local, small, private university--University of Indianapolis. With scholarships and financial aid grants, she attended school with no out-of-pocket expense. DS chose Butler University, also a small, local, private university. He didn't do as well with scholarships, but he did get one of the few pharmacy scholarships that Butler offers. He does have to borrow some each year, unfortunately.


I know a lot of people worry about their hs'd kids getting into college. It's been our experience that if you prepare well and get good SAT/ACT scores, it's not a problem. We followed a course outline equivalent to our state's AP diploma. (Actually, we exceeded those requirements.) I had no problems with transcripts or questions about hsing. Just acceptance letters, followed by scholarship offers!

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