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made offer on 5th house

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After over 4 months of house hunting we put an offer on a great great house last night. We'll hear back by noon today.


This is the 5th offer we've made on a house in 3 months. The others all were not even countered (weird stories on each one of them).


But we love this house more than we loved the other ones, and now we're waiting.


I've seen all the house hunting threads and house selling threads but couldn't bear to read them lately... this process has been a DRAIN on all of us.


So..... I'm just sharing with y'all so that if I get really happy in a few hours you'll know why :auto:

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Before we closed on our current house we had 3 accepted offers on other houses that fell through for one reason or another. It was extremely stressful but got comical after a while. With our current house everything fell into place so quickly we knew it was the right one.

Good luck on the house!

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I hope this one works out for you! I know that my dh and I are *so* tired of hearing, "Huh. Never seen that before." Such a trying process.

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Congrats! We're in the middle of the process, too, and it is nerve-wracking and exhausting. I keep telling myself not to get too excited, because until the paperwork is signed, NOTHING IS FOR SURE, but it's still nice to have a tentative end in sight! :grouphug:

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