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Help me with WA State question

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Thanks. So best bet is to contact the middle school directly?

Is there any written law or anything I can reference as backup?

Yes, ask them directly. If you get a 'no' then you may need to look around a bit more to see if you need to push, but here in Vancouver, they are pretty accepting of homeschoolers.


I don't know about the laws, but it will likely have more to do with how over crowded your district is more than anything. I would start by talking to the boundary office when you file your declaration of intent. If they do not know the answer, they will likely know who to direct you to.



There are many different 'umbrella' programs that work with the school districts that often have extracurriculars specifically for homeschoolers (often during school hours instead of after). You may want to Google around your area to see if there is one that interests you. In Vancouver (South Wa, by Portland, Or) there is program in each school district, and several private ones as well. There is also a large one based out of Northern Wa, called Columbia Virtual Academy, that reaches into many of the states school districts.

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Yes, contact the school directly. Go to the office, fill out the paperwork, and there should be NO problems. If there are problems, go higher up. There is a law... I will try to find it and post.

The only time this could be an issue is if you are involved in an out-of-district ALE. According to the WIAA, athletic eligibility is with your resident school district if attending an out-of-district ALE that does not have athletics. However, your resident school district can disallow that. Most don't, but some do. 

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On Page 15:


RCW 28A.150.350 Part Time Students—Defined—Enrollment

Authorized—Reimbursement for Costs—Funding Authority

Recognition—Rules, Regulations

1. Do students receiving home-based instruction have access to instruction through part-time attendance and/or ancillary services in the public schools?

Yes. RCW 28A.150.350(2) specifies that the board of directors of any school district is authorized and, in the same manner as for other public school students, shall permit the enrollment of and provide ancillary services for part-time students who would be otherwise eligible for full-time enrollment in the school district. A student who is receiving home-based instruction which includes courses at and/or receiving ancillary services from the local school district is by definition a part-time school student.


2. What constitutes a “course†for purposes of part-time attendance?

A “course†is defined as any instructional curricular service or activity in which preschool through twelfth grade students are enrolled by a public school.


3. Are sports activities considered an ancillary service?

WAC 392-134-005 defines ancillary service as any cocurricular service or activity, any health care service or activity, and any other services or activities, except “courses,†for or in which preschool through twelfth grade students are enrolled by a public school. The term shall include, but not be limited to, counseling, psychological services, testing, remedial instruction, speech, and hearing therapy, health care services, tutorial services such as home or hospital instruction for the physically disabled, and sports activities. To qualify to participate in interscholastic activities, a student must meet eligibility criteria. Such criteria is determined by the Washington Interscholastic Activities Association (WIAA). Information may be obtained by contacting the WIAA at 1211 West Lake Sammamish Blvd. S.E., Bellevue, WA 98099, 206/746-7102.

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