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Jacobs Transparency Masters

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Does ANYONE have these? In particular, I'm looking for the Geometry (2nd edition) set, but I'd be thrilled with the Algebra ones as well. Does anyone have any suggestions on where to look for them? I've googled multiple times with no luck. Is there a way to contact the publisher or Mr. Jacobs himself?

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Thank you. I may get that for DS#2 to use in a few years. Right now, I'm needing the Geometry 2nd edition transparencies. I've messaged that store to see if they might have them as well. Thank you for your help.


It's really hard to find anything to do with 2nd edition geometry these days.


Also, I forgot to mention in my initial post that I own the algebra masters, not the geometry ones. Sorry about that!

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Love it that he responded to my email! :) Unfortunately there are not any resources out there other than what can be found used. I've done pretty well and have 2 student editions, the test masters, and a teacher's manual. I think we'll pull through. I found that http://www.motherofdivinegrace.org/ has a syllabus for $10. But that was all. Thanks for your input.


From Mr. Jacobs:


Since receiving your previous email, I have been spending quite a bit of time looking to find some of the materials that I used in the classroom with the 2nd edition of Geometry (homework assignments, etc). Unfortunately, I stopped using that edition more than 10 years ago and, not seeing the need to keep them, seem to have thrown all of those materials away. The transparency masters of the second edition have long been out of print.


I am sorry about this but am always glad to hear from home-schoolers and will at least try to provide help and moral support to you and your son along the way.


With best wishes,

Harold Jacobs

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