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Which subjects do you do less than 5 days a week?

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Math is 5 days; Latin is 4-5 days; and we do some form of LA every day (cycling through the parts of MCT & reading literature). Also writing - either WWS or an alternative.


Science & History (including geography, artist & composer studies) are in longer blocks in the afternoon. In the past we've done 2 science & 2 history afternoons each week. This week I'm experimenting with "science week" and "history week" alternating weeks. So in that case it will be 4 days a week, but every other week.

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We do CM style in fourth grade, so up to half an hour a lesson starting this year. I stagger lessons throughout the week.


Subjects we do less than five days a week:



Health & Safety


Composer Study

Art and Artist Study




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Currently? Everything except phonics LOL.


We've sort of gone onto a loose flow. Because of the Math book Atlas is on, she could do the whole weeks lesson in one day (so sometimes we do that, sometimes we spread it over 3 days) other than that we read living maths books, and do "real life maths" (grocery store maths, fruit fractions, telling the time etc) So we "probably" do math 5 days a week, but I don't know :001_huh: :lol: Next year she'll be going onto Miquon, Singapore & Some MEP pages, so this year is more for phonics.


History & Science we've moved to one day a week activities (so one weeks worth of activities done in a day) and for some reason our History and Science seem to intermingle (we're learning about water evaporation, sunlight=food=growth, because of doing the nile project from SOTW ab. They have put Egyptian toob people on top of some of the seeds to see how that effects growth, I think we may of also sprung a leak in the nile as it seems to dry up quickly :tongue_smilie:


As for the "norm" it would be:

5 days a week:

-Language Arts

- Maths

- Latin


"Subject of the days" (so most of the afternoon spent on these):

Monday- History

Tuesday - Science


Alternating/1-2 days/units etc:

- Bible

- Art/Drama/Music

- Logic

- Electives/Extras/Enrichments

- Unit Studies

- Crafts, Mess-time & Projects

- PE/Gym

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This year, for ET2, who is in elementary (ET1 who is heading into high school & doing all high school level courses at this time, sets own schedule this year):




Language Arts which includes Spelling, Vocab, Writing, Grammar, and an hour of quiet reading time -all of it is done daily



Music - is planned daily, but ET2 doesn't always practice



Less than daily:

Art - 1-2 days a week

Geography - 1 day a week

History - 2-3 days a week (is scheduled for 2, but we sometimes do more)

Science - 2-3 days a week (is scheduled for 2, but sometimes do more)


History, Science, and Geography are scheduled for 2 hours each day we do them. The time for Art varies depending on what we're doing.

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We don't do anything 5 days a week or even 4 days.


I used to be really picky about fitting in some things that many times- foriegn language or typing or math, those things I thought had to be done almost every day, but since I have taken a serious look at my schedule and become more realistic about what will actually happen.


We do plan on a 40 week school year instead of 36, and we are all much happier this way.


Most things are either MWF or TTh. TTh are light days because we volunteer at a food pantry/pregnancy center.

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This year for my boys things that will be done daily will be Language Arts(English, Spelling, Writing, Vocabulary), Reading and Math. I may do the writing portion of LA only a couple of days depending on how it goes. History and Science will be 2x's a week, Art and Music 1-2x's a week and the same with Latin.

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Daily: Latin, SWR, math, piano, outdoor play, reading. Hopefully we'll be adding Spanish again soon.


Not Daily: History, geography, formal science, art, etc. -- most all content subjects. I haven't scheduled them out yet. I plan to follow LCC/MP's schedule, plus some kind of rotation for group subjects.

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This past year, my 8th grader did math and grammar every day. Writing, science and history were 4 days per week. Logic and Latin were 3. Spanish, literature and vocab varied.


My 2nd grader did math, handwriting and reading every day. Writing and spelling were 4x. Grammar, science and history were 3x.


This year will be similar, but I haven't figured it out specifically for each kid yet.

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Math is the only one that's really done daily at our house. Phonics & reading practice are supposed to be, but it doesn't always happen.


History, science, grammar, they all get done 2-3 times a week. Memory work, art, those I'm kind of pathetic at getting done. And, sadly, between the terrible heat and my pregnancy, nature study has kind of fallen by the wayside.

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*Ideally* For 3rd Grader





Independent Reading

Family Read Aloud

Family Bible Study

Piano (30 min)










Christian Studies








Kindergarten is daily gardening/science, lots of art, reading and outdoor play. 5x week phonics and math



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Memory Work

Social Studies

Analogies/Map Skills (ds7)



Phonics/Reading (ds5)

Primary Language Lessons (ds7)



Spelling - 4x/week

Grammar - I planned for this to be every day, but I don't worry if I skip a day. We are doing Grammarland.

History - 3x/week

Science - 2x/week

Latin - 1x/week

Nature - as we have time

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Math is the one subject here that is clearly 5 days a week almost without exception. (Only exception would be a field trip or something.)


Writing if you count journaling. My kids journal 5 days a week. WWE though only 4.


History is arguably 5 days a week, but history and literature are blended. So, one day we may only read & discuss literature, but the literature is almost always related to history. If literature is period related I won't move on to the next part of SotW until we finish the related literature. So for example, for a couple weeks it seems all we did was read and discuss Greek Myths each day. I guess you could say it was "history" but our history folders and SotW remained untouched!

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In theory..


Five times a week are: outdoors/nature study, math, language arts of some sort & PE.

French & read alouds are 3-4 times.

Geography, science & independent reading are twice weekly.

Piano, music appreciation, character building.. I'm not sure yet, but probably once a week.


Subject to change, of course. :)

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