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just a really quick vent (pregnancy hormones at work)

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So, I posted pictures of my lovely kitchen. And it IS lovely. I am so happy with how it is coming together. But......


I'm 32 weeks pregnant and there still is no flooring in that room or the family room. Some drywall still needs to be replaced in the family room. My family room is a construction zone full of tools, sawhorses, and drywall dust. This wouldn't be a huge deal but...


I'm 32 weeks PREGNANT! Oh, and having a home birth!!!!!! I'm trying SOOOO hard not to harp on DH, he really is working as fast and as hard as a man can. He's amazing. And I know he won't let me down. But it is REALLY hard to nest, or even relax, when your house is torn up while pregnant!!!!


Ok, that is all :)

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I can empathize. We were remodeling during my last pregnancy. The job took 12 weeks longer than the contractor originally promised. My blood pressure started rising and I was put on bed rest due to the stress. I don't think most men can understand the stress of a torn up house on a woman who is home ALL DAY looking at it.

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Our house was being built during one of my pgs. We were renting a trailer to live it. Talk about grouchy stressed hormones when you're waiting for your house to be finished so you can actually move in.


We moved in two weeks before I gave birth. The house was not completely done, but enough so that we could move in. The builder was not happy with me for insisting that I move in. I got my bedroom and kitchen set up, and that was all I needed.


The day I gave birth (also home birth) my dh sent workers away that had arrived to do stuff. We made them stay away for a week, and then they continued to build around me while I sat in bed.


It was nerve wracking! You have my sympathy.

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