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Tree Hugging Christians ~ Help me brainstorm this course!

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My oldest is 15 and he has that sort of cocky I know everything and your just stupid thing going on. I am reading Almost Amish currently. It brought up the nagging desire I have to create a environmental type of class for this child of mine.


Here is my list so far.


Better Off

Almost Amish

Crunchy Cons

silent Spring by Rachel Carson


I will probably make a syllabus and study questions. Then a paper with a few topic choices to write about. He hasn't really down anything formal like this yet.


I sure would like some movies, as well.


I could totally go for a science curriculum or lab work/experiments that I could roll into this. It would be great to make this a science and a Literature credit.


Now go...may the brainstorming commence.

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Just about anything by Wendell Berry. I highly recommend his Economics as if People Mattered and his Agrarian essays entitled The Art of the Commonplace.


I don't know how Christian you want to go, but there are several books about biblical views of environmental theory. You can just type in Christian Environmentalism at Amazon and get lots of references.


https://www.lessonplansinc.com/biology_lesson_plans_ecology_lab.php has some interesting lesson plans


If you skip to page 15, http://www.mandan.k12.nd.us/curriculum/include/pdf/Science/Ecology-Geology-Curriculum.pdf has an outline of a one unit ecology class.

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