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Can someone please pass the bubble for my ds?

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His skin has looked awesome since the geneticist mentioned nickel allergy and jeans. No jeans = clear skin. Until tonight.


We went swimming in the river for the third time today. We went last week and the week before each for over an hour. We went today for about 20 minutes, came home and showered.


My poor ds has hives all over his tush, his belly, and below his belly is bright red!


I want to put him in a bubble.

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I'm so sad with ds's behavior this morning, and mad at myself for doing too many things yesterday!


Pepsi baby came down to the park and he was really, really warm, like heat exhaustion warm! So I took him and ds to the gas station to get PB some ice water (mom was just going to wait until she went home and give him tylenol!), and I let ds have an orange drink. After PB went home, we went swimming. At home, the hives were going down ds's legs, so I gave him 1/2 of his steroid dose (no benedryl, I know bad mom) because I was scared of it getting worse while he was sleeping.


So now I don't know if he's having issues with the actual reaction, the sip of red drink he got, the entire orange drink he had, or the darn steroid (only 10mg, low for his body weight), but he's, once again, off the wall.


I think I linked previous behavior spikes to colors and/or sugar, but I have no idea anymore. :(

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Although it sounds allergy related, too, perhaps he has folliculitis on his belly. Google to see. River swimming and then being in a wet suit can lead to it--it clears up with antibiotics (sometimes on its own, I'm told, but we went with the antis because it itches and we needed something fast).

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