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Cool find!

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Wanna see the binder I found to use for our timeline this year? http://www.staples.com/Cardinal-11-x-17-ClearVue-Slant-D-Ring-Binders-White-1/product_737668 It's an 11X17 binder from Staples. Cool beans, eh? And they sell dividers for it that are thick enough paper to use as the pages. http://www.staples.com/Cardinal-11-x-17-Ledger-Tabloid-Write-Erase-Poly-Index-Dividers-8/product_805609 We got 3 packs, which is enough to do 200 years on each two-page spread. Dd wants to do 100 years on each 2-page spread, so we'll probably go back and get more.


I suppose others have done this. I just had never heard of such a thing, and when we saw that 11X17 binder, we both immediately knew what it should be! :lol:

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I know, isn't it super-amazing? Such potential! You could get a thicker one (2", 3", 1.5", whatever) and have room to insert more pages that you cut to different lengths. So then your rabbit trail pages could go there in your century two page spread. So much potential!

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