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50 Shades of Classical Music: 50 sexiest pieces

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No kidding. I don't play it as well as I did in college but no way could I play that song now in the same room as DH :tongue_smilie:


I'm not sure about the list. Hmmmmm some of them yes.


ETA: actually I feel that way of more than one of his Nocturnes. They are so very sensual

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There's a lot of sexy Chopin out there! I favor the middle movement of, I think it's the e minor concerto, myself. This was an interesting list. It's really hard to choose fifty, especially if you're including all instruments and vocal pieces, solo and choral, from all musical periods, and opera, and modern pseudo classical pieces (like the piece from "The Piano", which I love), not to mention ballet music. Don't know that I would have put Bolero first. I would have opted for Rachmaninoff, but maybe the Rhapsody on a Theme of Paganini over 2nd piano concerto (although that is a fantastic piece.)


Just my 2 cents.:001_smile:

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Intriguing list, though I can't say I've ever found the Candide overture to be especially sexy.


And old classmate of mine once worked as a hotel lobby piano player. He said one married couple would come down for tea time (real tea, although...), request the Rach Two, listen politely, then disappear to their room, giggling. This happened every day of their week's stay at the hotel. He estimated them to be in their mid-80s. Ever since I heard that story, I've been especially fond of that piece.

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