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vehicle trade offered - WWYD?

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My dh drives a 1997 Mitsubishi Mirage that we bought new. It has 135K+ miles. It is very small and looks terrible with peeling paint, very worn upholstry, and so on. However, it has always been an incredibly dependable car. We have never had to put any money into it other routine maintenance and tires.


Currently I am driving a 2002 Olds Bravada. It is a small SUV with 145Kmiles. We bought it used in 2007, with 70K miles and have had to make several expensive 'modulator' repairs and suspension repairs since.


Today my parents called to offer us their 2002 Yukon Denali XL (the suburban sized one) that they bought new, and custom ordered. It has 114,000 miles and has been kept up meticulously. It looks fantastic and just had $1000 of tires put on. It also has a trailer hitch for towing. They love it but my mom needs something smaller and more economical to drive 300 miles regularly to check on my grandmother. My also dad wants her in something with a warranty if she drives that much in case she needs repairs away from home. My parents have offered to take one of our other vehicles as a trade and then sell it as payment. Without doing this we are not in any financial position to buy/trade vehicles right now. My parents know that first on our list if dh can get a job is to buy a larger vehicle. Plus, they are not getting any trade in value for it really.


Would you take the Denali? Which other vehicle would you give up? We have a 12 yr old that is 5 ft 7 and wears size 14 mens shoes with a pediatrican predicted height of 6'8.


Pros of keeping the Mitsubishi - gas mileage and that it has been a mechanical dream. Cons - age and ugliness, plus it is very small, too small for us to be comfortable as a family. Dh only uses it as a commuter vehicle right now. This is the one my dad recommended getting rid of. I think he already knows someone wanting to buy it for about $1000.


Pros of keeping Bravada - newer, larger, more room, what we use mostly now. It also has a trailer hitch and can do light towing. Cons - we are always waiting for some goofy part to stop working, lower gas mileage.


So, what says the hive??

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Lower gas mileage, less dependability - even though it is newer. It also has more miles on it than the Mitsubishi. Can you keep the Bravada - sell it and buy something that would have great mileage and fit your family, cheaply and used? You will absolutely love the Denali and I bet you keep it for family trips and leave the other car for your husband.

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Interesting replies.... My dd has therapy 3x a week so I do drive around town regularly. Long term we would be more comfortable in the Denali and Bravada. I hate driving the Mitsu now. I love driving the Denali, I admit! I often drive it for my parents when we travel together. It makes either of our other vehicles feel like a soap box car lol.

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