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Does anyone own The World of Captain John Smith by Genevieve Foster?

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If so, could you just tell me how many sections it has (and approximately how many pages each section is), and also the years span of the book? I have a copy of The World of Columbus and Sons, and it's in four sections, so I'm familiar with what the Table of Contents is like. I'm trying to plan next year's readings and will be using these two books. I don't want to buy the John Smith one until January, but need to know the above so I can plan Sept-Dec. Thanks!!!!

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It has 5 parts. Part I has about 90 pages, Part II about 108 pages, Part III 100 pages, and Part IV 100 pages. It spans 1580 to 1631.


Thank you sooooo much!


ETA - Wait, you said it has 5 parts, but then list pages for 4 parts. Is it 4 parts? (Which is what the Columbus one is.)

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