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I'd love some feedback!!

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I am starting an enrichment program in our area. I created a website and would love some feedback! Anything I could do to improve the site? Would the cost turn you off? What do you like/dislike about the program? Thanks so much for taking the time to look...we have put a lot of time in to the curriculum, site, etc. Oh, and wish us luck....this is a huge undertaking!!!



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I would include info on the maximum group size and the number if adults supervising. If it is only you, do you have a back up plan for emergencies?


Your intro on the home page is useful, but I would try to get more photos on that first page to grab people's attention better. For example, gave clickable links to the info in science & art activities.


The cost seems on par with other weekly activities of that duration. I am not so sure about the supply fee. How does that work if kids only attend for one month?


I would want to see a weekly schedule, even if it is just tentative. Also a typical daily schedule, to give an idea of the pace of activities. I see you mention the schedule will be given at orientation, but having a sample on the website might help draw peopl in better.


The class descriptions do not convey a strong sense to me of what the kids will be doing on a daily basis. I have to think about that a bit more though. I am not saying they are bad or wrong, but they do not give off a professional feeling. Of course, maybe you would like a casual feel--and convey the idea that it will be an exploratory, hands on adventure as opposed to a curriculum driven class experience.


Good luck! Looks great and I hope it is a success.

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I would think about listing out a typical day in any of the activities; a schedule type example.


If you have example titles of any books/guides you are using that would be interesting.


What sort of plans do you have if the weather is bad? Will you switch to indoors? You might want to throw in some photographs of the indoor areas set up or in use.


Not to be a bummer or anything, but - is there any type of licensing or filing you might need for backup should someone start barking? Anyone in charge of overseeing the kids should have a background check on file, etc., it's probably going to come up as a question at some point for someone. You might want to CYA with the parent volunteer issue on this one also. (Apologies if I look picky-it's just I have some experience with this, and it's come up; and I wished I'd known beforehand what was required should someone raise a stink.) You might want to check with your home owners insurance and see if you need a rider before beginning also = just in case something happens...


I don't have a sense of how large/small the classes are by going through quickly-I may have missed it.


You might want to think about issuing certificates at the end as a reward, parents love credentials & records you know...


There is a lot of "we" speak throughout the site, and I realize your bio's aren't complete yet, but that is really a place to shine and put yourself apart and attract folks. Pictures, background bio's, etc.


those are just a few pre-coffee done thoughts- it all sounds lovely, good luck with it!

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