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I plan on using Bulliet's The Earth and Its Peoples for World History. I've spent hours looking for teacher lesson plans and test materials online, but I decided it would be nice to have access to the instructor resources online. I just finished talking with the customer service rep at Cengage and she sent me a private home education form so that I can access the instructor materials. I faxed it in, but haven't received confirmation back from them. Their customer service number is 800-354-9706. I dealt with Deana Harris and her number is 800-842-3636 x5888.


I also am using Tro's Introductory Chemistry Essentials for Chemistry and I registered with Pearson for access. I checked the box below the search list saying that my school wasn't listed. They just emailed me and asked if I was a private or public school and what my school email address was. I explained I was a homeschool teacher and I scanned in my Private School Affidavit and attached it. I don't know if that was necessary, but I thought it might expedite things.


I'll let you know what my results are. We did Keystone last year and this is my first time doing high school with no support. It sure is difficult coming up with lesson plans for five high school subjects. I long for the old days when we used Calvert and all the lesson plans were taken care of for me!

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Update #2: Cengage is processing my instructor access to the text right now. The person I spoke with also told me to wait until I get my access, because some of the material I want to purchase may be free on the instructor site. That was really nice of her. I said I was planning on purchasing through their site, but it seems like someone could get access and then purchase the text used.

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