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BJU Distance Learners, how do you organize it all?


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I will be using BJU DL for the first time starting next month. I ordered *12* classes!!! How do I organize all this stuff??? (Mom's Minutes, Lesson Plans, manipulatives for math, keep up with the DVD for the class, etc.?) So, I guess I am asking 2 questions: How to organize the Teacher's stuff & how to organize the student stuff.


Also, for *years* our school day has operated on a schedule organized by time segments. How long should I allow for the classes plus work? I understand that sometimes you have to pause the class for them to work a problem or something. So, if it is a 30 minute class, should I allow 45 minutes or an hour...in order to cover the class time plus any pauses, and the homework? What about a 45 minute class?


Any advice or wisdom that you veteran BJU DL users have to offer will be very welcome!


You should see my school room right now!!! Mama Mia! So much stuff!!!!!

I am ready to start getting organized!!!!


Specific classes:


Math 3, English 3, Reading 3

Math 5, Reading 5

Math 6, English 6, Reading 6, Science 6

Fundamentals of Math, English & Lit 7, & Life Science


Thanks so much!

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I used BJU Online for K4. I pretty much ignored the Mom's Minutes. Otherwise, at the beginning of the week, I would pull out all the handouts and things DD would need and put them in a separate folder. Then each day, it was very easy to find what was needed.


There is a BJU Distance Learning Yahoo group. They might be a good place to ask your question. It's pretty active.

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There are quite a few people who use BJU distance learning for science in 7th grade and up where teaching it yourself gets more challenging. You might try asking the question on the middle school or high school board. I think the course format remains similar enough that they might still have some helpful suggestions, although it may be that students that age don't need things organized for them.

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Thank you, everyone! It is so helpful to hear different ideas. I spent some time in my school room starting the organization process yesterday. I think I've got it figured out. I think the reason it feels overwhelming is because 5 of my dc will be doing 3-4 classes each. That is a lot of material! God is faithful, though...and a God of order. He helped me tons yesterday...through you guys as well as calming my anxious heart! :)

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I have used BJU video classes since K4 for both my kids, and my way of organization evolved over the years lol. I put all of one child's mom's minutes in one binder (not my favorite), pronged folder, or bind them along with my lesson plans. Of course each subject would have an index tab. Next, all the supplemental pages that the child would need for classes would be in another binder, again with tabs separating the subjects. And separate binders for any test keys and grading sheets. I like having my materials separate according to type and not all in one huge binder. That's just me though :)



Math will usually take an hour, as someone else posted. I don't remember how long Science was taking my son, probably 45min-one hour, more on some days when the assignment was longer or when he had to study for a test. Lit 7 was taking him over an hour, but he is not a super fast reader. English, as above poster mentioned, about 20-40 minutes, maybe longer during writing chapters.

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I highly recommend you join a couple of the following yahoo groups. They have a files section that includes a 'starter guide' for those new to BJU. They also have additional supplemental files that can help with the program.









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We used BJU distance learning this past year for grade 5 (one student). I ordered the whole grade kit and loved it!


The first thing I did was to copy everything from the supplement discs onto the computer for easy access. At the beginning of each week I would go over the lesson plan and print out any supplement pages and pull out worksheets needed for that week.


One thing that helped was to use magazine holders for each subject. Into each holder went the textbook and anything else needed for that subject (notebook, ziplock baggie with math manipulatives, etc.). I also used a plastic Target brand 8-pocket folder for each subject. I labeled the pockets: Supplement Pages, To Do (worksheets), In Progress, To Be Checked/Graded, Completed Chapter Work, Quizzes/Tests. This way I could pick up any subject folder and easily see where my child was with his work. All completed paperwork went into the Chapter pocket so it was easy to pull out to study for quizzes and tests. After the final test for a chapter, all the worksheets and supplement pages went into a large 3 ring binder (one for each subject).


Hope that helps! :)

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When I used BJU DVD's, I would print out the student materials for each class and file them in a large binder for each student. Then I would print out the teacher's materials and put them in my own binder. Your students should be able to find the pages they need each day from their binders.


I also purchased small DVD cases and labeled one for each student. Then, each week I would place the DVDs needed for the week in their own case. Each student could then easily find the DVDs he needed. I placed each student's DVD case, books, notebooks, and supplies on his own shelf.


I cut out the math manipulatives and placed each type in its own bag, and then placed the bags in a shoe box size plastic container labeled for each boy. The few larger pieces I placed in a labeled pocket folder.


During the first few weeks, you may have to help your younger children learn how to load the DVDs, find the pages in their workbooks and textbooks, etc. But, they soon should be able to manage all the materials by themselves.


One more thing, each student should have a notebook to write down his daily assignments. Most teachers will give the assignment during the class. If he misses the assignment, you will need to look it up on the BJU planner pages.


I hope this helps. It's a lot of work to set up, but after you get started things will run smoothly, and you'll have time to supervise, grade, and maybe even relax.

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