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Great Classic Works, Audio Versions

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I love to read and have been getting back to reading more challenging books over the past few months (finished Jane Eyre, To Kill a Mockingbird and Uncle Tom's Cabin over the last couple of months). But I'm also realizing both that I don't have enough reading time and that I have been spending some precious treadmill and walking time listening to junk like talk radio and political podcasts. I really get enough of that content without plugging it directly into my head.


So this morning, for my walk, I decided to find some nice audiobook that would let me munch on a classic. I found a version of Northanger Abbey by Austen that was only $1.99. It is just delightful. I'd read this a few years ago, but the pacing on the audio version is really nice, because it emphasizes the satire of the story and how silly the situations and attitudes are.


Does anyone else have a favorite audio version of some classic lit?

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Not a favorite version of any one thing, but I thought I'd mention that you might check to see if your local library offers downloadable audio books the check out.


Mine does, and I love to listen to a wide variety of things while I'm walking with the dog in the morning.


I had an Audible subscription for a few years and dumped it in the name of saving money. But (most of the time) I don't miss it since I found the library service.

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Thanks for the timely question. I returned to walking at length and I am listening to TC lectures. I think I would like to give an audio book a try. My only experience with them has been two Harry Potter books while traveling with kids and Seamus Heaney reading Beowulf.


I was thinking my library might have that Beowulf. I also remember seeing a Derek Jacobi version of Illiad that looked good.

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