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My son is considering some CLEP tests over the next couple years (he's 15 now). He LOVES history and that is one subject he would like to CLEP. Can anyone recommend something comprehensive and CLEP-appropriate to read and/or study from?


Also, English and/or Writing. He'd like to avoid Freshman English at college, like my daughter did.



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Hi, my DS and DD have taken and passed the history and psychology CLEP exams so I may be able to help.

They used REA , REA crash course, and Princeton AP US history book which were helpful. They watched a couple of movies on the Hippocampus history site also. They already had 2 years of US and world history using mystory of history audio CD and story of the world. We have Tindall and Shea though they did not use it much.

There is a website Clepprep that is very helpful and has well layed out lesson plans. There is a yahoo group attached too. HTH.

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Our oldest two used these services to study for and pass several CLEPs each:






If your student uses one of these services, he will probably not need to use a textbook to study for most of the tests. Just remember that both services renew automatically and make a not to cancel when you are done with them.

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