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Looking for your favorite 3rd grade Chemistry recommendations

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I'm planning for next year and wondering if anyone has a fabulous resource they use. Does anyone use the rec's in WTM? If so, do you feel those are able to stand alone or do you supplement. I can't imagine spending an entire year doing experiments but maybe that's the way it goes. Any info, websites or lesson plan ideas would be greatly appreciated!




Julie in Monterey

(who sees and smells the smoke daily now from the awful Big Sur fires burning nearby...)

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How far are the fires from you?


Also, theWTM recommendations for Chemistry, I follow the old book, I have done Adventures with Atoms and Molecules. You will have to supplement in getting others books to discuss the topics. I also use Janice Van Cleave. It is the same idea. You need to look at the book and get the information about the topic and then do the experiment. I did day one is the lesson on the topic and day two is your experiment.


Blessings in your homeschool journey!





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the two Adventures with Atoms and Molecules books as well. I'll use them again when Dd #2 is ready for them. They were simple to implement and not expensive.


Also, I *highly* recommend getting Susan Wise Bauer's audio "Science in the Classical Curriculum" - it really changed the way I looked at science for grades 1-4.


HTH - have fun - Chemistry is a great year!



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Living Learning Books website is: http://www.livinglearningbooks.com


We used LLB Earth/Sky for 2nd grade and LLB Chemistry for 3rd grade. My son is not particularly science oriented. Neither am I.



• A good overall introduction

• A variety of topics were covered in an well-organized, easy-to-follow, clearly laid out manner (ie. easy for the teacher)

• I was able to obtain most of the supplementary books through the local library

• All supplies needed for the projects were readily available at home, the local grocery store, or the local Kmart.

• Lessons took approximately 30 minutes twice a week.

• Any religious overtones were kept in the appendix

• Inexpensive curriculum



• It was “lite†ie. not particularly challenging or in depth


Overall, I was happy with the curriculum. My son enjoyed it and learned from it. I could have done a more thorough job if I had had the time and energy and desire to pull it all together myself, but I didn't. I would use it again given the choices available at the time.


REAL Science http://www.pandiapress.com was not available when we started LLB. If I had starting over, I would consider this. We used Noeo Biology 2 for 5th grade, and I liked LLB better.

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Well like the others I used Adventures with Atoms and Molecules and we really enjoyed it. I think we skipped one experiment because I didn't have the itmes on hand. Mostly though they were very easy to do and we learned a lot. We also used a chemistry set I got from Rainbow Resource for about $20...I think it was called "Wild Goose Chase" or something like that. I looked some time later and they no longer carried the exact same kit, but I would think most of those kinds of things are about the same. It was nice because all the supplies were included and there were test tubes and beakers. More "scientific-looking" than our household items. Chemistry was fun. We're looking forward to doing it again in a couple of years.

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