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Rit dye in a front loading washer machine...

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I have no idea on the front loader part. We have a front loader and when dd wanted to dye all her undies :D we just used one of those big orange buckets from Home Depot. It worked very well. I chose that route mostly because we have septic and I try to keep as much junk as possible out of it. If we had sewer I'm still not sure I'd have tried it just because of the "what if the door leaked even though it never has before" thing. I'm thinking the bucket version might work better because I could get the water hotter than my washer would. Good luck with it!

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Go to darmatrading.com and order their procion dyes.


The colors will be vivid and will resist fading-- a MUCH better product than Rit!


You can do a bucket method with the procion dyes, rinse with a hose then do a final rinse in the washer with Synthropol (detergent that removes excess dye that has not set in).


This is the same dye we use to tie-dye with and we have had excellent results and the colors have lasted for years and have not run all over the rest of the wash.

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Thanks for the input! Did you rinse the items out in the sink and then wash them in the washing machine? Any other tips to avoid a mess? Thanks again!


I dumped the excess dye in the yard and I think I just threw the items in the washer for a rinse. (Honestly it was awhile ago and I don't remember exactly.) All in all the color has held pretty well considering how much washing it gets. I think that may be due to using boiling water in the dye bath. I don't know. I think I may have also soaked it a little longer than required. I don't know if that matters either. Maybe it was that there was so little fabric (weight-wise) that there was more dye available to be absorbed.

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