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Highschool credits taken before 9th grade

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My dd14 has taken Algebra 1, Biology, Astronomy and Spanish 1 this past year. They're all highschool classes and at public school the kids get credit for those classes on their transcripts.


I'm wondering if you can do that? I was thinking maybe a seperate box on her transcript saying "taken before 9th grade" and list the class.


What did you do?

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My dd attended PS for 8th grade and completed Algebra 1 and Spanish 1.

She also attended PS for 9th.


She completed highschool at home.


I attached her PS transcript to her homeschool transcript. It listed the courses taken in 8th grade separately and gave credit for hours BUT did not include grades in the GPA.


If you list courses taken by year then include the 8th grade credits along with the 9th grade ones but make a notation.


If you list courses by subject then you usually do not associate a year taken with them...

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I think it would depend on how you are keeping track of your dc's credits.Personally, I would use anything that my child took that would be a high school level course. You are only limited to your imagination. You can include anything ( I guess depending on state requirements) that meets the credit requirements.


In your position, I would definitely count the credits! :001_smile:

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The best policy is to check out 2 things:

1. your state's educational policy (ex: there may be a limit of only 1-2 classes that can count up onto the high school transcript)

2. more importantly: what do colleges permit/want to see


Generally, colleges only want to see the last 4 years before graduation on the transcript. And colleges are really who you are making transcripts FOR.


As suggested by a previous poster, you can list those high school level courses, so long as you make a notation that they were completed prior to 9th grade. Also, do NOT include the grades in the overall GPA. And, finally make sure that your student shows continued progression in advanced studies throughout high school -- otherwise it ends up looking like you are trying to pad the transcript.


What I mean by that is that, if your 8th grader was doing mostly 9th grade work, then the student needs to continue to work at a higher/more advanced level through out high school to justify putting that many high school level classes done prior to high school on the transcript. So, your student will need to take Advanced Biology and another Advance Science in grades 11 and 12; continue up through at least Spanish III, if not IV or V; and should definitely take some Honors and AP level courses.


Or, another option is if your DD did mostly 9th grade work in 8th grade -- count it as 9th grade, and continue to move forward with high school studies. In other words, promote your DD, and she's already done her freshman year of high school.


Here is another thread with a lot more information and discussion on high school credits earned in middle school.



BEST of luck in your high school journey and your new role of administrator! ;) Warmest regards, Lori D.

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NCAA will not count classes taken in 8th grade, even if said class is trig!


I was just looking into this issue earlier this year, as I will be including 8th grade classes on my kids' high school transcripts. This quote is from the NCAA Clearinghouse website:


What courses may be used to meet the core-course requirements?

In Division I, generally only courses completed in grades nine through 12 (eight semesters) may be considered core courses. However, if the student has graduated on time after the eighth semester of high school, one core-course unit taken in summer school prior to initial full-time collegiate enrollment may be used to meet the core-course requirements. In Division II, a student may use all core courses completed prior to initial, full-time collegiate enrollment (regardless of when he or she graduates) to meet the core-curriculum requirements. A college course taken during high school by a home schooled student may be used to meet the core-course requirement, provided: (1) the course is placed on the home high school transcript; (2) an official college transcript is received directly from the issuing institution; (3) the course would be accepted for any other student; and (4) the course meets all requirements to be considered a core course. For both Divisions, courses completed during the eighth grade may also be used, provided they meet core-course requirements and are placed on the home school transcript with a grade and credit. [Note: Courses with credits awarded through credit-by-exam will not be used to meet core-course requirements.]



ETA: Hopefully I linked this correctly and it will work: http://web1.ncaa.org/ECWR2/NCAA_EMS/NCAA_EMS.html#

ETA2: The link works, but it didn't go to the correct page. Click on the "Homeschoolers FAQ" for more info.

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My suggestion is just that you keep records now. Anything that is high school level, keep your textbooks list, grading, topics covered, etc. Down the road as you get closer to college applications you can decide how you want to handle this. You may decide to clearly mark these as completed prior to high school, or you may decide to group by subject. As long as you've kept the materials you need you'll have the flexibility to make those final transcript decisions down the road.


I would keep in mind that this is a very common situation for public and private schooled students as well so it is not anything admissions officers will find especially confusing. Many strong students have taken a year or two of foreign language or a couple of years of high school math in middle school. Individual high schools set their own policies, but most do include high school work completed in middle school as part of the high school GPA.

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