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MFW World History & Literature

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I've already ordered this for my rising 9th grader this year. We did ancients this year and I don't think she should have a problem going into WHL.


I'm wondering about the fine arts plans in appendix? It says "The lesson plans also include recommendations for completing a fine arts credit."


Any one using them? Can you give me an example of some assignments or resources?


I could wait to look at it myself but I want to know! :tongue_smilie: :bigear:

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My son will be doing WHL this year as well. It is our first time doing a full MFW program & we are very excited. The fine arts section is very well thought out. It does say that if your student takes any type of fine arts you should count it as part of the requirement.


150 hours = 1 credit in fine arts



write 1 page biography of 8-10 composers

There are a variety of performances & exhibitions listed to either watch video, listen to CD or see live. There are accompanying log entries that will be placed in the class portfolio


Resources listed:

The Gift of Music

Spiritual Live of Great Composers

CD's from your personal collection or CD's from MFW years 2-5

God and the History of Art


I'm surprised that How Shall We Then Live by Frances Schaeffer isn't listed, we may add that one.

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like TechWife said.. it's build the credit informally. Logs are given to record what you do and all of that. suggestions given to point you in the right direction to get started. The mentioned God and History of Art -but someone at mfw told me that was if they didn't do it in younger years. But I get the idea MFW was going for a well rounded intro/appreciation style. Learn some composers, listen to the work. learn art history. plays.. etc...


I knew that wouldn't work for us as we'd never get around to watching any performances or any of that... we don't play any instruments, daughter wasn't in ballet for the first time in a decade....


so we did a semester of drawing with Artistic Pursuits. and semester of Carol Reynold's DVD, Discovering Music.





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