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Finding activities for history


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Here is a free curriculum that may have some ideas:



Just scroll down a bit and you can look at the American History.


I don't know if it would be old enough for your 3rd grader but

www.elementalhistory.com had fun easy activities. Their curriculum is $15 for the TM and student notebook. There are chapter books that your 3rd grader could read to add in more. I think you could probably enhance the activities too. Some of them may not be what you are looking for but others I think could even allow your oldest to lead the activities.


Not a lot of ideas here but some:



You can scroll down to see some ideas.


Hope these help!

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I love Hands And Heats kits: Colonial and Westward Expansion. If you only got one set of each, the 3rd grader could do the bulk and the K could help so you wouldn't need the second child kit. They are absolutely awesome!




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I like the Laurie Carlson books - most decent libraries seem to have them.


Colonial Kids

More Than Moccasins

Westward Ho


Kaleidescope Kids has a few too:


Going West

The Lewis and Clark Expedition

There are more of these as well - I've used some for various topics


There's also the "for Kids" series. Here's one of them:

American Revolution for Kids


In general, I've had more luck with books like this from the library (and occasionally bought) than from websites. I'm not a fan of cut and paste kinds of "crafts" so History Pockets was definitely not for me.

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There is so much!


We liked hands and hearts, homeschool in the woods, some fun computer games, brainpop






Beautiful fet books

Sonlight book readalods in the car

Nonfiction picture books at the library


Scholastic has fun paper crafts - purchase during dollar days


Also look to see. Where Nina & pinta reproductions are.


Local museums, pioneer festivals, we have "old town Wisconsin" which was really cool too.

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