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a couple different Latin questions


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Okay, so I've done searches and read through maaaaany latin threads.


I *think* I've made some decisions for this fall, but need the wisdom of the Hive.


We, as a family have ZERO latin experience. I'm thinking for DS - 1st grade that I'd like to do SSL as a gentle introduction. My question here is what do I need? Is the whole bundle necessary or are there parts that were just a waste of time/money?


For DD -5th grade, I'm thinking Lively Latin. My question is, should I preface it with GSWL or is just jumping straight in to LL good enough? Should I add I Speak Latin, or is that overkill?

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My boys did SSL and then GSWL before Lively Latin 1. SSL helped pique their interest in Latin as well as solidifying the pronunciation. We all enjoyed GSWL a lot and I am glad we did it before LL 1 because it allowed us to see the big picture and also provided us a good sense of accomplishment doing 10 translation sentences for each lesson. It was very enjoyable. Because it was done totally orally with me, I was able to keep up with their progress. Lively Latin is workbook type and is more independent for the students. It provides a variety of fun exercises to solidify the grammar and concepts taught. The online videos are very helpful, but my boys now prefer to read the lessons and start the exercises without watching the videos. Now I feel I am falling a little behind the boys because of its nature of being done without me. I actually don't like it sometimes. The translation in LL 1 is gentle, but limited in my opinion. So we are doing it in a faster pace without the history part. We started in February and are now doing the last lesson of LL 1. We will continue with LL2.

Hope this helps.

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Now to decide between Classical or Ecclesiastical pronunciation. I've read the FAQs and articles. Does anyone have any tips or arguments for or against one or the other?


When I came to this question, I decided on Classical for myself, figuring you would use Ecclesiastical if you are in a church that does Latin for prayers/songs and Classical otherwise. My church doesn't use Latin (though we'd be happy to translate if someone showed up only able to speak Latin - obviously not going to happen :lol:), so I have no reason to do Ecclesiastical. Also, if your children might continue Latin in college, Classical pronunciation is used there (well, unless they went to a Catholic school maybe? I dunno. I'm not Catholic or similar.).


We're just starting GSWL. I've done several lessons myself when I first bought it. It's a $10 ebook, so great for "getting started". :) I'll only be teaching my 3rd grader, not my K'er. The K'er isn't reading much yet and has speech issues, so I'm going to wait on Latin for him.

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Ugh. It's so hard to make a decision. LOL


I was leaning toward Ecclesiastical because I want to use Latin as a stepping stone for other foreign languages (french, spanish, and possibly Italian)- and this article




mentions that ecclesiastical is closer in pronunciation to those "romance languages".


Buuuuuut, Classical pronunciation is what is used in today's higher learning.


Maybe I'll just introduce both and have the kids decide which one they like best. I'll probably end up with one of each. :lol: That will definitely require more brain power from me... which is not necessarily a bad thing. ;)

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