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Fashion help (wedding), please!

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My AdorAble niece is getting married in two weeks.:D


She is LDS, so we only attend the reception.;)


She has chosen an evening, dinner reception at her parent's home in the mountains. It will be outside, dressy-but not formal.


Here is my fashion challenge. I cannot wear heals, so I'm thinking ballet flats.:confused: I've gained 20 lbs in 6 mos-mostly settled around my middle and chest. Since I'm 5'4", and small boned, I feel quite heavy.:glare:


What kind of dress/skirt to wear that will look nice with the limitation of ballet flats?:confused:


I'm a visual person, so links would be great!:001_smile:



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What about a pair of dressy flat sandals?

Black sandals

White sandals

Gold sandals


Then you could pair it with a knee-length dress that emphasizes a high waist right under the bust line and flares away. Blue dress

Or this one with a belt to define your waist visually. Belted dress


Or if you really like ballet flats, how about this flared skirt with a top that draws attention to your bOOks like this ruched knot top?

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There are no rules on what to wear for the reception. :)


I would probably not wear a full-length dress, but any kind of dressier dress or pants will be fine, whatever looks good with the shoes (I like ballet flats, too).

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