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If money was no object:

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Why waste time to pack when you can shop anywhere in the world? I'm with ya!


The time I need isn't for packing. It's to arrange care for (or give away) our critters while we're gone. We have 13 ponies, 7 chickens, and 3 cats here. If it were just humans, I'd need about 15 minutes to put on some decent clothes and grab passports.

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I would buy property, and grow a farm.....and hire people earning low wages to work and pay them upper class wages so I can ride my horses all day long and cook and bake and eat all I want because I would have paid to invent a real fat loss pill. Then, I would buy my inlaws a house 2 hours away in BC. They can come for the weekend without having to stay 2 weeks like they do now :tongue_smilie:. And then I would do the same for my parents and my sis so she wouldn't have to work. But they would be closer because they are our only babysitters. Then I would buy a helicopter. A jet would be better but DH has always wanted one. And a yacht.

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We would build a house - exactly what we want. We'd do the practical things - have reliable cars, etc. We would have a beach house on the oceanfront. Other things, too, only I can't think of them at the moment. :D


And then we would take turns picking random places on the globe to visit. :) I always thought it would be cool just to spin the globe and put your finger down, and wherever it lands, go there! Or somewhere close, anyway. ;)

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I might travel some with my family, and finish the building and fencing on our property. In the end though, I don't think I would want everything to come easy, either for me or my kids. Working for something makes a person appreciate it more. It build character.

Although in the middle of all that character building I usually wish I just had the money to make it all go away.

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I would pack up the kids, DH and travel the world.


What would you do?


Me, too. Except first, it would be travel all over the USA and Canada and then, I would move onto the world. Dh does not want to travel to other countries, so I'm not sure if he would be willing, but I would be all over it.

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The time I need isn't for packing. It's to arrange care for (or give away) our critters while we're gone. We have 13 ponies, 7 chickens, and 3 cats here. If it were just humans, I'd need about 15 minutes to put on some decent clothes and grab passports.


Add in a couple of dogs and my dd would be in heaven at your place.

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I would buy 3 homes, nothing lavish, but comfortable enough for our family, our stuff and some guest space: one where we currently live, one in my home state near my parents, and one in dh's home country near his parents. Then I would travel between the 3 locations on a regular basis. I would also want a car that comfortably fits us all (and our stuff) in each location. I would also pay for any of dh's family members to fly over for a visit whenever they wanted (especially MIL) :001_smile:, and buy them whatever they want/need.


I would buy us the "basic" things we would all like to have but that are far enough outside the realm of "basic necessity" that we just don't buy them, like a new wardrobe, an IPad and new computers, a couple of new TVs, etc.


I would purchase any and all homeschool materials that I believe may be helpful to my dc without considering the cost.


I would relax and enjoy my time with my dc without worrying about paying bills.


Once I became comfortable with all of that, I may consider some other purchases or travel, but really, I'd be most happy with what I listed.

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Dh loves discussions like this, but they always depress me.


If I had all the money in the world, I would get 2 houses, both big enough to fit our entire family. One in FL for the winter months, one somewhere else during the summer. Maybe Hawaii? California?


I would definitely travel more with the family, on our own private jet so I wouldn't have to worry about commercial planes. :ack2:


I would get a brow lift at some point. I would get my b00ks re-done at some point, as well.


I would furnish our house and just have fun shopping.


Wow, how superficial. I guess I should also give a substantial amount of money away to orphanages and places like that also. Yes, I would do that too.

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If money was no object I would buy a HUGE piece of land and build a nice house. There would be a pool, garden and orchard for the family. DH and DS have always wanted their own baseball field to host pick-up games for local kids so they would have that. Then - and here's the best part - I would run an animal rescue and rehabilitation center on the property. I would then go to school to become a vet in order to take care of all of said animals.


I would then set my brother and grandmother up to be comfortable financially.


I would LOVE to travel, but truly something like this would be my life's dream. I don't think I would ever want to leave home.

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I would pay for all my sisters and their families to come visit me in US. I would take them to Disney World and all over US (including Hawaii). We will eat anything and everything till our hearts' content. Everything will be paid by me included their spending money. Ahhhh...wouldn't it be sooo nice? :0)



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I would rebuild the park in town before running far, far away. I would probably give the family center a huge donation. Custom built home. A new car. New car seat for ds. A cleaning person! A live in autism behavior specialist to help with both for a few years. A weekly hairdresser for dd. in home daily feeding, occupational, and speech therapies for ds. Speech and occupational for dd. A physical therapist for me (instead of personal trainer).


We would go on a very long cruise, travel a bit.


I would pay off my fathers house and my mothers house. I would hire a personal psychiatrist for my mother and a cook.

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Travel--for education, pleasure, and missions work

Buy a vacation home up north so we could be reverse snowbirds and have a place for DS's to practice hockey in the winter

Buy my hubby box seats for his favorite teams

Learn how to swim (like elegant Esther Williams-style swimming, rather than my currently doggy-paddle or drown method), knit, and make croissants

Publish a book


All after taking care of our financial obligations, donations, and family of course. :auto:

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When our lottery was at half a billion, my husband and I love playing the "If we won the lottery" game....

I would...

-Make sure all our siblings and their families are taken care of. Give them each a chunk of change to do something good for their neighborhood and to better their children's lives.

-Build a playground at our baseball league. Pay for any improvements needed and provide free registration for all the kids for a couple years.

-Send all the boy scouts in our troop to camp for free! Plus whatever else the troop needs.

-Donate to the special needs orphanages in EE

-Fund several families adopting from the above orphanages

- Donate to our church, prolife clinic, and different charities that support veterans and military families



-Pay off our debt

-A newer truck for my hubby. His is very beaten up. Almost 400k miles!

-Make a few improvements on our home

-Rent an RV and travel our entire amazing country!!!!!

-Save the rest for retirement/ kids college and weddings


Sadly we never won!

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I don't know that I'd change much in our lives, as we seem to have pretty much what we need and even some things we want! I'd dearly love for my hubby to be able to quit working such desperately long and hard hours each day (auto detailer). We'd get out of our minivan and into a 12 passenger van as our kids are growing and we could really use that to be safer and not overloaded. Here are a couple of dream items:


1) Have everyone in the family research and select one ministry to support, and then get involved in what they are passionate about, finding ways to put money to good use where it can grow exponentially for folks...microloans, education for children, etc.


2) Adopt another 3 or 4 children.


3) Get the biggest RV we could find, and travel the US to work on outreach projects to make the travel more meaningful.


4) Maybe get a new washer and dryer. Oh yea, and I might have one indulgence in having someone do the laundry:D


We'd keep the same house, go to the same church, keep our same friends, and not change much! Put some money aside so that we can keep our current standard of living for the remainder of our life, and help our kids get started with a small down payment in the future on a home of their own. Not pay it off though, just get them into it. Money can so easily corrupt, I'd be pretty careful I think.


And even though I have joked for 26 years about wanting a Rolex watch, I am sure that once I could have one it would totally lose it's appeal!:lol:



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If money was no object... I would build my dh and I and all our children homes on a couple hundred acres of land in Montana. Then all the kids/grand babies and dh and I would take them on a cruise and finish touring all the places we didn't get to see in Europe.

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  • Pay off debt!
  • Have a home built on some nice quiet country land! Build a bonus room area above our nice 3 car garage that is meant for homeschooling ONLY. So it's away from the rest of the living space but still in our home so I can school room it up and it doesn't affect the look of the rest of my living space.
  • Build a nice shed to match the house.
  • Buy dh a riding lawn mower.
  • Buy myself a mini van with CASH!
  • Buy dh a truck with CASH!
  • Start our life long dream of a farm. Raising our own chickens, vegetables, fruit tree's, berry bushes, & Herbs.
  • Install solar panels.
  • Have a good company come in and build the kids a HUGE play area with picnic tables even!
  • Put money in savings for each of the kids for their first car, college, & wedding.
  • Open up a little restaraunt with Gluten Free & Dairy Free Healthy foods for the whole family! I love to cook and discover new ways of making our previously much loved meals into what we can eat safely now that are GF & DF.
  • Take a family vacation to Disney World.


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