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Mommy, I'm bored

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My kids are bored. All their neighborhood friends are gone for the summer and playing with each other has gotten old. I don't really want to give them extra chores because they are not complaining much at all. We're doing extra school to help keep them occupied and so they're ahead and free to play when their friends return.


They're tired of crafts, imaginative play, the wii, reading, tv, and Minecraft. Dd is teaching the dogs complex tricks and that's helping some. They're just tired and want something new to do. We've gone on all the field trips I can tolerate.


Ideas anybody? Please?

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I think it's the time of year. The first few weeks of summer are exciting, free, and full of promise, for parents and kids alike, LOL!! After the 4th of July, I'm usually kind of over summer. :D We're pretty bored here too... I think it's the weather... it's been so much hotter than average this year, it's not much fun to do the outdoor things we usually enjoy.


A few ideas for fun afternoons...


Movie Marathon

New board game

Any classes you can still sign up for?

Day trip to a nearby town, just to see something new

Take books to a coffee shop for the afternoon

Host your own mini-Olympics


I probably need to take my own advice, LOL!!

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Dd is bored, too. She is alone for a good 3.5 hours nearly every day while we are at work (dh and I). Thank Goodness she got invited on vacation with a friend for 5 days next week.



I hate working in the summer. As a preschool teacher, I always had summers off. Not so anymore.

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I don't have any advice...my kids are driving me crazy. :glare: We're all counting down until school starts. :)


I am considering buying a bucket of icing at Sam's Club and letting them practice cake decorating skills. :) The great idea is offset by the sugar rush it's sure to generate.:lol:

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