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I am back (My yard sale is over, and I survived!!)

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I had a Thurs, Fri, Sat yard sale this weekend to get rid of all the magnificent things I'd cleared out of our attic/basement/kids rooms. I got rid of all but one tiny stack of it. I had clothing, shoes, toys, decorative household items, a tv, a set of older furniture, books, movies, car seats...you name it, I had it LOL


I made over $300!! I'm so tickled. Typically a "good" yard sale here will get you $100-150ish dollars. I had to drag stuff out over the 3 days as I didn't have room for it all at once. I did end up giving the furniture away, a lady was asking about buying it for a church to donate to a guy and his daughter who had lost everything. Honestly, I had it priced at like $10 each for a couch and recliner that were both over 15 years old, so I didn't lose much. I ended up also throwing in a king size bed/frame that we no longer use and a set of king size sheets. The couch was a hide a bed, so now both have a bed :) It made me feel good, helped the family, AND I didn't have to haul off heavy furniture! Win/Win/Win!!!


I have one little load of it left. A friend of my mom's runs a thrift store and will buy your yard sale left overs, usually for around $20 or so. I had my husband load it into the back of my truck and I'll take it to her Monday. I'm beyond thrilled. My house is no clutter free. Most everything is packed. I made a little mad money :D


Now we are looking for a rental.....less fun LOL but at least I can focus on that and school. I don't have anything left to physically "do". Dh asked what I planned to do today (he was only home for the night last night, had to head back to work today.) I told him "NOTHING", I don't even plan to get out of my pj's. 3 days of being up at 4 am? 2 weeks of cleaning out the house and packing things up? Yeah, today is a vacation day! It's also DD's birthday, so we are watching some movies that she got for her birthday and relaxing. We are going to swim every day that it doesn't rain this week (we go early in the morning and I was having to use that time for packing as it gets so hot you can't work past noon.) We are going to finally finish the read aloud we started last month :tongue_smilie: and do some math review until the end of July. I'm going to finish printing and organizing school stuff. I'm going to shop for school supplies. We are going to take a quick vacation this coming week. I'm going to list the house with a realtor. But, today? Today I do NOTHING.

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Thanks! Counted it up and made $311. Plus a little over $300 on Craigslist with a nicer recliner and some video game things that we had duplicates of (:confused: why did that ever seem like a good idea?) So, not too shabby. I'm using 1/2 of it to get a tablet to use for homeschooling (;)), and saving the rest for whatever might come up.


It's amazing how much stuff is accumulated in your house, stuff you don't need but other people want.

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