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Bug bites!

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I've used 2 different anti-itch remedies (Ivarest and Sting Eze)....what else can I do?


We went camping this weekend and I came home with 70 bug bites from mid-thigh down. Of those, 60+ of them are from the knees down. They itch so bad that they kept me awake from about 3am on. Please tell me there is something else I can do?!? I'm desperate!

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Do you know anyone with the following essential oils, preferably pharmaceutical grade?


Tea Tree




Lavender (real lavender and not Lavendin)


Three tbsps of carrier oil, almond, coconut, or well...anything will work...I once used canola oil because that is what my mom brought camping!


Six drops of each except the clove which should be 10 drops (it is the numbing agent), shake, and dispense with a q-tip. Numbs quickly, lasts longer than most sprays, and after two applications - if the quality of the oils is good - you'll see an amazing improvement.



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