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529 plans

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If you have one or more for your child(-ren), how did you decide on that plan? I know each state has one, fees and rates vary, you don't have to be a resident of that state to participate, and some states have tax deductions (mine doesn't. :glare:) I'd like to start 3 accounts for our monkeys.

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I would go an talk to an investment broker from somewhere like Edward Jones. That is what we did, and because of his advice we opted not to set up the 529, because we get a greater return on the mutual fund he chose and the kids can use it for anything rather than just college expenses should they decide to start a business or do an apprenticeship or something other than college when they graduate. They cannot touch it until 18, so if they seem to have no plan, then we can wothdraw it and hold it until they do have a plan so they do not waste it. :001_smile:

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