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museums showing Ancient Egyptian artifacts for this upcoming school year?

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Last trip through Ancients we were able to see the King Tut exhibit in Atlanta. I am trying to find a good museum showing Egyptian artifacts this fall or spring 2013. There is one at the Met in NY but it's over in early Aug. I saw the museum in Memphis and another in Atlanta.


Any others I am not finding online? Would prefer the southeast, mid atlantic or northeast.


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Permanent exhibit at the University of Pennsylvania Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology in Philly. A ton of Greek, Etruscan, Mesopotamian, etc. stuff as well. IIRC, they have some decent background/teacher stuff on their web site.


I think the kiddos will get the most out of it if they've studied some first. Penn does some nice guided tours for school groups.


Sounds like a road trip is in order!!! Start in NY and work down I-95, or start in DC and work up!

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There's one on Egypt at the Smithsonian (Nat'l Hist, I think). It's ongoing. Have you been?


Eh. If it's the permanent one I'm thinking of, it's kinda lame, though if you're in the DC area, then it's all you'll get and it is something. Ancient history is sorely lacking here. On the other hand, nearly everything else is good, so I'll stop my complaining.


The Walters in Baltimore (which is free!) has a small ancient Egypt section that's okay. But it's not huge. I really appreciated the Walters though for the ancients because they had a tiny bit of everything - a little Egypt, a little Mesopotamia, a little Greece and a little Rome and... we've done SOTW 1 in a single tour.


We went to NY that year we did the ancients. Pre-Christmas trip. Looked in the store windows, spent a day at the Met mostly in the Egypt section. Took a nice walk in Central Park. Rode the ferry. Ate good food. Slept. Took the bus back home.

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I know it is far but if you are ever in the Chicagoland area the Oriental Institute at the University of Chicago has a fantastic collection and is FREE. Also, the Field Museum has a nice Egypt collection. That museum does have free days throughout the year.

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I think it is the one you have mentioned, but the Carlos at Emory in Atlanta is wonderful.


:iagree: We went with a group and were able to get docents to guide the tour. One docent wasn't that great but the other was fabulous. She brought her own maps and charts to help the kids understand some of the info.

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